Monday, 23 December 2019

Julafton 2 in Sweden

My Mum has three siblings, and they all take turns in hosting the big family Christmas celebrations each year. This year it was Mormor's turn.
Even though they normally do it on Boxing Day, I had asked if it was ok this year we did it before Christmas, so we could join in before we went back to Abu Dhabi to have Christmas with Nathan.
So yesterday, on our last full day in Skara, 4th of Advent, we had another 'Julafton' with the whole big family, minus just a few who couldn't make it.

All the Christmas food, and some!

As every time, there was way too much food! I totally overate, cause it was so, so delicious!

Lotta and Sixten loved looking at the train, driving around the Santa Village and disappearing and reappearing in the tunnels:

Linnea and Stella - and Lucas..! Linnea was the only one Stella agreed to be held by, apart from her parents. Linnea really has some magic touch with kids, Stella didn't even go to her Grandma.

Yasmin got the role to be this years Santa, reading on all the gifts, and making sure they came to the right recipient:

She had quite a tempo, ha ha, so it didn't take long before all the gifts were distributed!

Usually it's just my Mum and her siblings who exchange gifts, but this year Mum had made sure that everybody had a gift to open.
I had brought some small things as well, from the sand pit - camel soap for the girls, camel chocolate for the boys, and some toys for the kids.

We didn't do a cousin photo, as we were missing three of us (Natalie was working, Sara celebrating with her boyfriends family and Fredrik was traveling). But we got a sibling photo of the four oldies!

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