Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Julafton 1 in Sweden

In the evening, after having been for our little outing to the 'julbord', we warmed the glögg and prepared the Christmas chocolates we had made, to enjoy it all by the tree while we were going to open our gifts.

Some got warm socks to sleep in, others a pink hoodie they had seen in the shop which the mean Mummy didn't want to buy for them... so Mormor sneakily could:

There was the usual yearly Santas all around, to add to the growing collections, and little houses to add to the Santa Village:

Mormor got a book she had wished for, for her genealogy research:

Mormor and Morfar had bought themselves a gift, a new cutlery set:

I got some accessories for my phone, amongst other things:

And Morfar got some accessories for his Nissedörr (=Santa door), which he installed immediately: 

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