Sunday, 4 December 2016

We're back

We are back from our two week holiday in NZ and although we are still struggling with a little bit of jet lag, it's not too bad. Linnea was out already at 7pm last night, and we were all up at 5am this morning. But that was ok, we had plenty of time to get ready for school!

It's a really long hike to get to NZ, or rather, to Taupo where we normally reside when we are there. The trip there took 30h door to door, and the return 32 h... Zzzzz... A lot of waiting around, at the airports, after check in and during transit.
This time we were lucky to be able to catch up with the cousins from Sydney, as they were over in Auckland for the weekend and came to lunch with us at the airport!

The main reason the travel time is so long, is the long leg between Abu Dhabi and Australia. This time we traveled via Melbourne and on the way home that flight time was over 13 hours!

Believe it or not, the kids were actually not ready to get off the plane once we landed this time! They could've easily done another 13 hours! Reason being we flew the new A380, where all the business class seats are on the upper deck. It was absolutely lush!
Lucas and Linnea got seated in rear facing seats, which they seemed to like. Lots and lots of space.

Always bubbles before take-off! Just because we can!

Our flight was a very late night flight, so it didn't take long for all of us to get into our comfy Etihad pyjamas (!) and go night-night. Nathan and I sat in a "love seat" (the middle seats, which are very close together), so we watched a movie together before we got some sleep.

On the A380 there is also a small bar area, which we also had to check out, of course. The kids sat there for a while chatting away to other passengers, and the crew..! Very nice!

A really good flight, to end a lovely holiday.
Thank you Grandma and Grandad! See you in February!

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