Friday, 9 December 2016

Merry NZ Christmas

So, that was our trip to NZ for this year. I finish the photos off with a selfie I took with a pretty red flowered tree, the "bottlebrush tree" - Callistemon.

I got nostalgic and decided to look back through the blog at all our trips down there, been looking through so many good memories! Considering it's quite a way to travel each time, and that Nathan doesn't get as much time off as the kids do - we've done pretty well keeping the Kiwi connection! Apart from a big gap during the time that we were busy moving here to Abu Dhabi (2 1/2 years), we have visited every year since 2005! (The whole family were there twice in 2008, and Nathan twice in 2010 and 2011)

We still have so much to see and explore - next time I'm hoping we'll have time to rent a camper. I would like to travel around the north island properly, to take it all in!

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