Wednesday, 14 December 2016

My Lucia tradition

Christmas time is one of the times of the year when the homesickness often hits for us expats. I have always done my very best to try and keep my most cherished Swedish (and some Danish) Christmas traditions alive, but it hasn't been easy. Especially not whilst living in the tropics, or here in the desert; when you can't find the right ingredients for the traditional food, or when there are only two Swedes in the country (like we were in Brunei)!

Anyway, having lived abroad for nearly 20 years I have created my own, slightly adapted traditions. One of them is to watch the national Swedish Lucia Celebrations via SVT Play.
So did I this year, together with a cup of glögg, some pepparkakor, and of course goosebumps and emotional tears (even after I got home from the Ladies Night). Tradition is tradition!

I even found a movie a friend had posted on FB, from my hometown, Skara, and the Lucia Celebrations in our old cathedral. How wonderful!

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