Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Lava Glass

A few years back we went to visit the Lava Glass studio and I have been wanting to go back again ever since. This year only Linnea was keen on coming with me, so we did a little girls trip out there one afternoon.

Again we visited the studio to see the artists work. This time they were making glass goblets.

We also went to see their newest feature, the sculptural Glass Garden, which wasn't there last time.

So pretty!
The garden consists of more than 500 glass sculptures.

This 15 piece waterfall was stunning!

My favourite pieces, a glass forest in giant paper weights. These domes weigh about 8 kg each, and took over two months to cool down!

Peaking through the kaleidoscopes:

Fields of glass flowers, native tree birds made out of glass and giant spheres. Some of the pieces here are the biggest pieces of glass ever blown in New Zealand. It might be hard to judge from the photos, but these flowers were huge!

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