Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Taupo Museum

Even though they didn't finish, the boys were actually lucky on race day that the weather was fairly good. Not hot in any way, but at least it was dry for them, and there was no need for arm or leg warmers.
The day after the race was a completely different story, it got windy, grey, cold and rainy again.

We decided to use the bad weather for a visit to the Taupo Museum. Another place we hadn't been to before. It's small, but it was really nice to visit with a few different interesting exhibits. Like this Maori meeting house:

A Kiwiana caravan:

Linnea went on a treasure hunt around the museum. Here's she is looking for clues around the exhibit about the history of the trout fishing and other local industries:

In the Ora - Garden of Wellbeing:

A mock-up of a 19th century shop:

They also currently had a special exhibition to celebrate the 40 year history of the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. It started in 1977, with just 26 cyclists riding around the lake - the first and only time ALL starters of the race, also finished!

It's quite a challenging 160 km course, but thanks to the beautiful scenery en route, many riders keep returning to face the challenge year after year.

Fun facts about the event:

Signing the guest book:

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