Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Christmas baking

Linnea and I have done a little bit of Christmas baking this year. I'm not a great cook, but I can bake! Well, having said that, what I bake might not end up looking very good - but it tastes fantastic, and I do enjoy baking!
We have made ginger bread biscuits and saffron buns in different variations. My favourite are the ones with white chocolate in them, mmm!

Linnea also wanted to do a Gingerbread House again. We tried to go for the easy solution and buy a ready made one, but unfortunately they were sold out at IKEA already weeks before Christmas! Lucky for us a nice friend had one extra for us, thank you Birgitta!
It's the decorating that is the fun part anyway!

This year I mounted it just with the icing. No burned fingers this time!

Have I shown you one of my childhood gingerbread creations? Mormor and Morfar were pretty awesome gingerbread house makers - once they made the house we lived in then, in correct scale, with our cars and all the trees in the garden and all! Once they made this:

Yeah... a whole circus!
Linnea and I will have to step up our game for next year I think!

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