Sunday, 4 December 2016


Grandma and Grandad sold their big house in Acacia Bay just recently. The kids especially grieved not coming back to "THE house" this time, as that's been NZ to them. But it was just too big for Grandma and Grandad, and instead they have bought a section of land in Kinloch where they are going to build a new, slightly smaller house.
They are going to be up high, with views to the famous golf course, the village and also the lake. I'm sure it'll be fantastic once it's finished.

The view to the golf course to the right behind Lucas, and to the village and Lake Taupo to the left behind Linnea:

But for now, they temporarily live just outside Taupo, in a much smaller house. So for our visit, they had also rented a batch (=summer house) out in Kinloch, right on the lake - beautiful views!!

Kinloch is a small, sleepy village, with not much else than a marina, a playground and a corner store.

NZ actually wasn't too good to us this time. The weather was mostly very windy, rainy and cold. I didn't take many photos on those days... so the photos you will see here on the blog are all from the few rather good days we had!
Nathan only managed to get in ONE bike ride..! But it was a good one!

Kids and I went to feed the ducks:

Playtime with Grandad:

ONE day only we we treated to a stellar evening when we could actually sit outside and enjoy the sunset.

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