Wednesday, 14 December 2016

A Lucia Ladies Night

13th of December for a Swede - is not a date, it's Lucia. We will be celebrating Lucia traditionally tonight instead, at the Ambassadors residence, but I still had 'lussebullar' and 'pepparkakor' for breakfast yesterday, of course. No Lucia without 'lussebullar'!
If you would like to know more about Lucia in Sweden, watch this short clip. I know I have linked to it before, but it's so good, so here it goes again:

Instead of Lucia celebrations last night, I celebrated a good friend who's leaving for good this week instead. She had a farewell at a Ladies Night at the Ritz Carlton.

The Ladies Night was at the Chinese restaurant, and if you wore something red - there was free fizz!

Beautiful night with lovely ladies, and what a backdrop! The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is if possible even more beautiful like this at night, with the amazing lighting:

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