Monday, 5 December 2016

Huka Falls

Huka Prawn Park is a place we try to visit most times we come to NZ. They have a lovely restaurant with a fantastic view to the Waikato River (the longest river in NZ), and really good prawn dishes, of course.

This time we didn't just go for the great food and the view, we also wanted to take the kids on the jet boats! It was great!! The kids were screaming with glee as we got tossed and turned around, jetting up and down the river.

Can you spot me there, doing the royal wave..? 


By the Huka Falls, as spectacular as always. The volume of water flowing through here is over 220,000 liters - per second. It was rather noisy, but amazing to experience the immense power all up close like this.

The name Huka is the Maori word for 'foam', which seems really appropriate. Just look at all that water!!

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