Monday, 26 December 2016

Julafton 2016

To be honest, we were rather unsure on how we were going to celebrate Swedish Christmas this year, now that our partners in crime the Hybholts are not here anymore. I spent most of Friday in the kitchen anyway, cooking up a storm to get ready for Christmas Eve (Swedish main day). I figured we would be needing to eat however we were going to celebrate.

Our Danish friends in Dubai had invited us up there, but - as Freddie was on standby it was on the condition that the didn't get called out. We woke up to the news that he had indeed been called to work, but luckily only for a short flight, so we packed up and drove up there for the afternoon.

But first, traditional Julafton family photo in front of the tree:

We ended up having the Swedish meatballs, prinskorv (small sausages), beetroot salad, Janssons, the eggs and Christmas ham for lunch; and later on in the evening we had Christmas dinner Danish style. A lovely mix of all our different traditions!

They had bought themselves a new, huge, Christmas tree, very beautiful!

Louie the pup wanted in on the Christmas cuddles too!

While the duck was cooking we played the Christmas "stealing gifts game" with dice. It was a very intense game, with the biggest winner being Malthe who walked away with the coveted air horn..!

We actually have had Christmas together like this once before, in 2011 when we still lived in Brunei and came up to visit them in Dubai for our holiday. It was lovely to spend it together once again, friends like are like family are priceless.
Managed to get everybody into the photo!

Dessert, Swedish saffron gooey cake and gingerbread muffins and also Danish risalamande, with cherry sauce and hidden almonds!

Thank you Dehlis for a top day! Glædelig Jul! God Jul! ❤️

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