Sunday, 4 October 2015

One of my favourite holidays

What other breakfast to have today than this?

As if you didn’t already have enough reasons to love Sweden, today is a minor national holiday celebrating... wait for it... cinnamon buns! Yes, today is 'Cinnamon Bun Day' in Sweden, the special day of cinnamon buns!

It was established in 1999 when staff at the 'Hembakningsrådet' (=Swedish Home Baking Council) were looking for a way to celebrate their 40th anniversary. The idea behind the creation of this day was to celebrate the strong home baking tradition in Sweden, by highlighting this traditional and much-loved pastry which has such a universal popularity among Swedes.

In keeping with Swedish culture, it was considered important that the tradition should be something that everyone could participate in. Said and done, go into any bakery in Sweden today and you will find cinnamon buns in abundance; although mine are home baked, especially for today!

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  1. Ja här bakar vi också idag. Snart åker plåtarna in i ugnen!