Friday, 16 October 2015

Brace face

Lucas has this canine that hasn't come down properly and a little while back the dentist recommended he should get braces fitted to sort it out. As he has lost all his baby teeth, now is the perfect time.
We had been recommended to go see an orthodontist in Dubai, which we did, but in the end we decided to go ahead and do the treatment here in Abu Dhabi.

Yesterday it was time to have his new braces fitted, which didn't take long at all. Less than 45 minutes, and it was all done!

He has been fitted with a new system called Damon, which uses a new technique with a tie-less slide mechanism rather than the old-fashioned elastic ties and clips. The "old" kind of braces cause higher friction and pressure, and the treatment typically also takes longer time than with the Damon. These ones don't need to be "tightened", and are meant to be a lot more gentle to the teeth and tissues. They move the teeth quicker, require fewer adjustments and are supposedly a lot more comfortable.

So Lucas went home with a new grin, a pouch with special toothbrushes together with wise words and instructions from the orthodontist on how to care for his braces and teeth during the treatment period.
Although he was a bit disappointed when he realized there would be no elastic bands (that he could have picked in different colours), he seems pretty alright and positive about it all. Brave boy!

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