Thursday, 22 October 2015

Linnea's 10th birthday

The rest of Linnea's birthday continued in a celebratory fashion all throughout the day. Her nice mummy delivered three dozen freshly baked donuts to her classroom at lunch time, that she got to share with her friends. Very happy birthday girl! (In Brunei her birthday fell in the midterm holiday week every year but our last, so she never got to bring treats to school.)

After school, and Japanese Club (...), her friend Grace came home with her. She had time for a super quick Skype session with the Roses in Singapore...

... and with Mormor and Morfar in Sweden.

Pia and Sofie came by, and the Perkins turned up - so it was cake time!

Finally, pizza for dinner, as requested by the birthday girl! A good day through and through!

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