Saturday, 31 October 2015

CrossFit Halloween

Last week at the CrossFit Kids, the kids were asked to dress up for this morning's special Halloween WOD, AND - to bring an adult to torture!! Needless to say Lucas' eyes lit up at the thought of a parent-kids WOD-off! Bring it!

All dressed up and ready to WOD, we joined a big group of the CrossFit Kids, Tweens and some more brave Mums and Dads for a bit of fun this morning!

Coach Annie was looking very cute as Wilma Flintstone. She had prepared lots of yummy Halloween treats for after the WOD:

Coach Sabine and Coach Annie giving the briefing:

For the warm up, we had to build a skeleton. The kids had to go into the (dark) Box next door, to try and find all the pieces of their skeleton; the adults had to run outside to the new outdoor Box, to find theirs!

It was hilarious to see the faces of the people waiting for their cruise to start just outside, when us adults in different scary costumes blew down the stairs and past them!

The WOD was 2 rounds of: 300m row, 30 pumpkin squats, 30 burpees and a 3 lap run - tied together with toilet paper. We had to work in teams of three, here's my team:

It got serious pretty quickly - Sofie had to drop both the hat and the cape!

Lucas and his team mummied together, and off they went on their three laps:

After the WOD, we had to throw wet sponges on a board, and try to make the witch disappear. This wasn't as easy as you might have thought, took some heavy cheating on both parts. I'm not quite sure who won this event as - no surprise - it turned into a water fight pretty quickly!

Finally, the kids won the traditional apple bobbing game! They went all in - good effort!

I call this photo "Dedicated Mums"! Well, it might have been a kids session, but we all had so much fun! Great morning!

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