Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Happy 10th Linnea!

Linnea had it all planned out for her birthday morning. We always start every birthday with opening presents in bed, but since she has a loft bed, that would've been a bit tricky. So, she slept over with Lucas!

She got so many lovely things; Lego Friends, Nerf, silver earrings, a Pandora bracelet, a Stackers box and charms for the Pandora, a Mug Cake cook book, a couple of Schleich animals, Dork Diary books, a new birthday outfit, a Smiggles pencil case and some storage boxes shaped as old books.

When she had finished opening all the gifts in bed, she found a balloon by the stairs with a string attached to it, that said "Follow me"..! Exciting! So with an eye mask on, off she went...

... down the stairs... and into the living room...

... until she found her big gift - an electric piano! Yes, it's time to start some piano lessons!

Then it was time for a special birthday breakfast. Pancakes had been ordered. Yum!

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