Friday, 16 October 2015

How's Oakley?

So how is it going with our little puppy?

He is now 10 weeks old, and he had his last vaccination booster yesterday which means that in one more week we can start taking him outside for walks, and socializing with other dogs!

The vet was very happy with him as he had put on a good amount of weight, was curious and friendly in the vets office, and not too bothered about her handling him.
He actually hasn't seemed to mind at all the amount of people in the house the last week. Quite the contrary, he seems like a sociable little fellow, always stays close to where we are, which is nice.

Thanks to the lower temperatures, we can keep the doors open so he can come and go, and hopefully learn to do his business outside... Let's just say we are not quite there yet... although he is successful with number 2 most of the time.

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