Saturday, 3 October 2015


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Zumba has for the past many years used their Party in Pink™ Zumbathons to raise awareness around breast cancer, and funds towards the research for a cure. Through these charity events Zumba celebrate and honor friends and family navigating breast cancer, and inspire them to join the fight.

I was part of two big Party in Pink™ events while teaching in Brunei, and had so much fun, so I jumped straight into it when an event started to get planned here in Abu Dhabi, for this pink October.
Last night 26 local Zumba instructors came together and hosted a 90 minute Masterclass; together with the invited guest of honour - Liana Veda, an international recording artist, professional dancer and choreographer for Zumba.

Everybody was dressed in pink, of course!
Us instructors were leading in groups of 5, some groups were more coordinated with their attire than others, but the smiles were as big on all of us! So much fun!

I had convinced my friends Gwen and Pia to come and support, for the good cause:

And also Josefine and her girls - they had a blast!

My group - me, Ayesha, Herni, Raquel and Mai - we rocked!!!
The energy was so high and the atmosphere was both emotional and electric, it was a great event!

My fan photo with the gorgeous Liana Veda! :)

The ZINs of Abu Dhabi! So proud to be a part of this group of girls, ah-mazing.

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