Monday, 4 August 2014


On Friday we left Stockholm for new adventures, we took the regional train to Uppsala, a little bit further north. We went to visit my childhood friend Jenny.
It's been a very chilled and relaxed weekend, mostly thanks to her two boys who entertained my two brilliantly. They built Minecraft and played Warhammer and had a great time. 
Linnea found a little neighbour girl that she played with, and of course there was also rabbits and dogs to pat, Jenny has always been an animal lover.

Linnea introduced Jenny to the Rainbow Looms:

 Another long, light, lovely Swedish summer evening - ice cream time at 10pm..!

Kasper, who belongs to Jenny's mum, and the family dog Razza:

The weather has been absolutely exceptional, Sweden is having "tropical heat" at the moment!! We enjoyed it by going to Fyrishov for swimming yesterday.

They have an Adventure Bath with slides, wave machines etc, which the kids really, really enjoyed and had lots of fun with - but after all the playing the two big boys also decided to have a go at this years 'Simborgarmärke'.

Very proud of themselves, mostly Simon, who hadn't done any badges before.

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