Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The packing process

Honestly I'm expecting it to be slightly different this summer, since I haven't gone completely bananas with the shopping. The need just haven't been there, since we have most things (and some!) in Abu Dhabi; although I haven't completely been able to avoid the sales of course..! So, I have shopped, but not in my usual way.
Therefor I hope that the packing will go a lot smoother this summer, but you never know.
Usually it goes something like this:

1. I look around and think, "I don't have that much this year, it'll be ok".
2. Then I start packing and think, even more relieved, "I've got pleeenty of space, yay".
3. Then I remember the clothes in the cupboard... and all the Lego... and all the other cumbersome toys spread around the house... So I become slightly worried...
4. By now the suitcases are near to full, and I'm instead thinking "This will never ever work!!".
5. Then Mormor usually brings another pile of clothes from the laundry room, and I remember the jackets, and the last shoes... Argh!!!
6. So I pull my hair, pack and repack and move the stuff around in the suitcases, again and again. 
7. I start making a plan B in the event I will get called out at check-in, about what I can remove and leave behind, just in case.
8. But in the end, everything always fits. I never have any overweight, I'm always spot on.
And in the end, I get it all home. 

At this stage, I'm on nr 2 - and apart from probably having to redistribute the weight, I'm pretty sure that I will be skipping straight to nr 8 this time! I'll let you know how I go!

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