Friday, 15 August 2014


We have been in sunny Karlstad for the last few days visiting a dear friend of mine, Linda, and her family. It's been lovely just hanging out in each others company. Her littlest daughter was away on sleepover with the grandparents, but Linnea and Savannah had fun together, for example in the playhouse.

Being a gadget girl, I managed to solve some longtime technical issues with the boys' iTouches, and help them download Minecraft (with permission of course!). The three boys were then allowed to disappear into the Minecraft universe together for a while:

We had ice cream, of course. It's almost obligatory to have an ice cream a day when it's summer!

We enjoyed Mariebergsskogen, which is literally across the road from where they live - such a luxury to have this amazing place as your backyard!

In one section of the park, different nursery schools from around Karlstad, have taken part in building a kitchen garden. Förskolan Solen is Valentina's nursery:

There was lots of differents cultivations and so many different vegetables, cale, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, corn, dill, parsley, beetroot and many many more. It was really interesting for the kids to walk around and have a good look.

They had also cultivated inside the beautiful green house:

They have plenty of farm animals in the park too, chickens, horses, goats, sheep for example...

 ... and piglets!

After a full on afternoon at the playgrounds it was time to say goodbye - until next year!

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