Saturday, 2 August 2014

Tekniska Muséet

I forgot to blog about our Wednesday, and our visit to Tekniska Muséet in Stockholm (=The National Institute of Science and Technology). We were actually there most of the day on Wednesday, there was so much to see and do!

We started out by browsing the exhibition "100 innovations". It's the largest exhibition they have ever put on, and it showcases the most popular innovations in history as chosen by the Swedish people.
You can actually also vote at the exhibition, for what you think is the most important innovation!

There was many cool interactive displays, like this one, "Minority Report"-style:

One part of the exhibition also showcased the same kitchen mixer/baking machine, as the one I used to have - my Grandmothers old Electrolux. I'm actually looking at buying the modern version of it again (as I left my old one behind with a friend in Brunei); an Ankarsrum. (Mind you, it might have to be on the next trip... I don't think I have enough left of my weight allowance...)

 Both the kids and Erika and I really liked the 'Sports' exhibition. It was truly interactive, you could test your strange, reaction, speed and flexibility and try out a range of different sports activities. Our favourite was the dance battle station!

But the main reason we got stuck in the museum for a really long time, was the international exhibition 'Game On 2.0' - the world's largest exhibition of computer games!

You could test your skills on more than 100 old favourites from gaming history, ranging from the 1960s to present day. It was really cool!! It featured everything including early arcade games, recent classics, best-sellers and all the biggest games in the categories of fighting, racing, action, simulators etc.
Let's just say that Lucas was in heaven as all the games were playable!!

Linnea found a wall where you could listen to radio from the whole world, she liked the one from NZ!

It really was a super day which we all enjoyed, the kids actually didn't want to leave - the wanted to go back and start from the beginning and do it all again!

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