Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My precious

I have got a new toy! Behold - the Magic Bullet!

It's supposed to be able to handle chopping onions, garlic, nuts etc and grating cheese and coffee, you can make spreads, sauces, salsa and dips with it or use it to whip up omelettes and much more - but I'll mostly be using it to make my smoothies and iced drinks. 

I needed a new blender since I sold our old one in Brunei. Even though this is a TV-shop kind of product, after having read raving reviews about it in two of my favourite blogs, I decided to give it a go.
It sure is compact and space saving, plus the fact that you mix your drink or smoothie straight in the glass you will enjoy it in, saves dishes too! (It also was a bonus that it is only half the price here, compared to Sweden!)

This morning I had a pineapple, raspberry, pomegranate, mango and banana smoothie - yuuuuum!

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