Thursday, 28 August 2014

Nathan's airport car

Yesterday it was finally time to go pick up Nathan's new airport car.
Until know he has been taking taxis to and from work most of the times. As we live pretty close to the airport it has worked out alright (apart from always having to allocate extra time for the taxis to find our compound...). When the timings were right, I was able to drop him off and pick him up sometimes too.
It really was no big hurry for us to get another car, as our lives weren't that busy before the summer and when the kids and I were in Scandinavia Nathan could use my car. But now that we are back and things are starting to pick up and we all are getting busier, we needed the second car.

Nathan thought long and hard about which car to get while we were away, and he had narrowed it down to either a Golf, or this one - a Mercedes A250 Sport.
All new and shiny!

One happy Nathan, about to drive off from the dealership, vrrrrrooooooom!

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