Saturday, 23 August 2014

The first return

So, we have returned to the sandbox, for the first time - as our home.

The trip itself was actually (after some initial worry when I could only print boarding cards for the first flight, even though I was certain I had booked firm seats for both!) super easy. It sure makes a difference only traveling for 13 hrs door to door, with an actual travel time of 8 hrs - than my record 36 hrs once from Brunei...
This time we took Air Berlin from Göteborg, via Berlin. Very smooth trip, and all our luggage made it too, which is always a bit of a bonus! :) (I was a whole 4 kg under allowance by the way, for those who wondered!)

It was a very strange feeling coming back to here though. The last few days when we started wrapping things up and I started packing, the kids started to talk more and more about Brunei. I guess they got the "we-are-going-back-home-to-Brunei"-feelings... and we talked a lot about our friends there and what they might be up to right now.
I must admit, I felt a bit the same. Coming back to here, is a new thing for all of us, and even though we have our house, and our things here (and Daddy of course, goes without saying!) - we don't really have a "life" as such to come back to just yet. No routines, no network of friends, noone looking forward to see us etc.
(Plus, it's ugly. Flying in over the sand, endless sand, no greenery at all, just building site after building site... it is not pretty.)

But hey, I know these feelings - it's the blues talking. The blues that always grabs you when you return after a long trip, the "European Hangover". At least we have no jet lag!
I know it'll get better. We just need to get into it, and for real now, when the new year is starting. This is when it's all going to happen, this is our time!

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  1. Good on ya at du var under overvekt da :D Skjonner godt at det tungt a komme tilbake nar alt er enda ganske nytt. Haper det tar seg opp snart, nar skolen begynner igjen og hverdagen er tilbake. Klem