Friday, 8 August 2014


One of the kids' favourite places around here and somewhere we go every summer, is the playground and small zoo at Mösseberg, by Falköping. The kids are just about too big for some parts of the playground, but I think we might still have a year or two when they will still enjoy coming here, for the other parts. It's always nice to go see all the different animals.

They have mini pigs, cows, horses, many different birds, sheep, rabbits, goats and also these majestic deer.

But the best part is and has always been, at least for Lucas, the "moon buggies"! 

 Not only did they have a few new "moon buggies", but since last year they had also revamped the whole area where they used to be able to drive them. It was now transformed into a grid of small streets and crossings - complete with a flag pole and a petrol station! Lots of fun!

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