Thursday, 31 December 2020

It wasn't all bad

So 2020 has finally come to an end after what feels like 438 months and counting... Many people recap their year when we get close to the New Year and this year is no different, I have seen quite a few posts and memes wrapping up 2020 in different ways.
If you read back this first post I wrote of 2020, it was so full of anticipation and excitement for the new year - I almost feel like I jinxed it right there and then!

No for sure, there will be no magic big bang at midnight making it all go away. But now finally seeing an end to this godforsaken year brings at least a little bit of comfort. It will get better. One day we will be able to hang out and spend more time with each other, and HUG (!) each other again - and with each day passed we are one day closer to that day!

This year sure has been challenging in so, so many ways we never expected, but I do think it's still worth to be celebrated, for the simple things that happened or for what we learned. If I have realised anything this year, is that life is all about the smaller things. ♥︎

And remember - even if you didn't turn pandemic-productive and learn a new language, how to bake sourdough bread or redesign your backyard; even if all you did was to get through each day - that's OK too, and certainly worth celebrating!

For the new year I am wishing you all love in your life and hope in your heart.
Happy 2021!

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