Thursday, 31 December 2020

Corona Diary, Day 297-300

Day 297, Sunday 27 December
Petra is out of town, so this morning I brought Lucas to padel coaching instead. We had a really good session! We have rather different strengths and weaknesses, but the coach got us to practice a fair few strokes, and play some games too. Fun, fun, fun!
Then it was time to take the kids to the drive-in center to do their PCRs for returning to school.

No... they are not going back in person until in two weeks time, so not quite sure either why this early. Every school had got a specific day their students were scheduled to do it. Just ticking the box I guess.
Linnea cooked tuna pasta for dinner. Happy not to have to cook myself, but really starting to think we should teach her some more signature meals she can revert to when it's her turn.

Day 298, Monday 28 December
Nathan went to work this morning, but the rest of us have been having a day at home. We have had a house guest though, so it was a bit special anyway! Really nice to have Emma, it had been a while:

I got started on my next Uni exam today, finally. It's really hard to get into gear, into the "now-Christmas-is-over-lets-get-back-to-routine"-feeling, considering every day has been pretty much the same for the past 10 months... But now I've started, yay. Only a few weeks until it has to be submitted.
McDonald's for dinner. Because Monday. Or something. Blergh.

Day 299, Tuesday 29 December
Padel again this morning, wii-hoo! Today we just played a game, Lucas, Nathan and I together with one of Nathan's colleagues, Murph. He had never played padel before but turned out to be a bit of a natural and completely outplayed me. I am a very sore loser. So I was in a foul mood for the rest of the day... Not so much for losing actually, but for not being a natural talent me too.
I took my foul mood and went to the LAD for a bit to cheer myself up. Needed to do some quick research for the next Uni exam due very soon.
Then I went to see 'The Seed' with a colleague of mine. The show itself was surprisingly short, only about 15 minutes, but it was nice to enjoy the sunset from the beach and with that view; and the show was rather magical.

Came home to Nathan having cooked a spinach and chicken lasagna, lucky me!

Day 300, Wednesday 30 December
Another padel morning, today Nathan and I played mixed with some new friends, Lotta and Simon. We had a really good game and have already booked in another game for the end of the week.
Linnea has been ploughing through all the 'Harry Potter'-movies the past few days, and today Dobby had died when we came back from padel, so she had a few tears.
We spent the afternoon and evening with some friends, good food, relaxed time and lots of chat and laughter, best evening in a long time!

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