Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Corona Diary, Day 290-293 Christmas Week

Day 290, Sunday 20 December. 4th of Advent
Petra and I were supposed to have padel coaching again this morning, but the coach had a last minute something (...) so we were on our own. Ah well, got to hit the ball and run around a little bit, although it's not quite the same on two people.
A trip to the mall for me this afternoon to pick up some more Christmas gifts. Not many days left now until Christmas!
Nathan went out with some colleagues so the kids and I had left-overs and Santa porridge (=risgrynsgröt) for dinner. Easy peasy!

Day 291, Monday 21 December
This morning I was the padel court again, with Lucas! We played with Petra and her son Valle. We had quite a few rather good games in all combos; and Linnea and Lovis played cards on the sidelines. Great morning!
In the afternoon I prepared some of the Christmas Eve food, wrapped some gifts and baked (the last?) batch of lussebullar. Felt very productive.
Chicken kievs and smashed potatoes for dinner.

Day 292, Tuesday 22 December

This morning we were all up early, AGAIN, can you believe it - even Lucas! Went to play some family padel, with a new friend, Charlotta as the 4th player. Bless her, she had to endure quite a few family squabbles throughout the game ha ha, but it was a good game and we all got a good workout at least!
I then had lunch with Jennifer, went to do my nails with Susanne - and did the Christmas Eve food shop - all in one afternoon. Another productive day!
Pasta and meat sauce for dinner, and finally the movie of my choice - 'Last Christmas', which I hadn't seen yet, and which was really cute.

Day 293, Wednesday 23 December
Dan före dan... I was up early to prepare some of the food for tomorrow. I made a Jansson, a gubbröra and my beetroot salad, and prepared my herring to be cured. Did some exercise and labelled the last presents.
As the kids both were hanging with friends, Nathan and I took the opportunity of having dinner out just the two of us. Nothing fancy, just a quick bite at Jones the Grocer. Then popcorn and a movie to finish off the evening at home while the last of the Christmas Eve food got prepared.
Bring on Christmas - we're ready!

Christmas is not cancelled, and neither is hope.
If we lean on each other, I know we can cope. ❤️    (From a poem by Shawna Hickling)

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