Saturday, 19 December 2020

Corona Diary, Day 283-289

Day 283, Sunday 13 December. Lucia Day. 3rd of Advent
I started my day at the padel court with Petra and Coach Javier. Petra and I have decided to get some coaching sessions, before we start developing bad habits and to get a better grasp of the game faster. It's nice to do them together, and have a coffee after!
Linnea went to the mall with her friend Kashmira to do some Christmas shopping, and Nathan, Lucas and I hung about at home.
This year there was no Lucia celebrations at the Ambassadors Residence of course. So Linnea and I enjoyed the Lucia-celebrations from Jukkasjärvi via SVTPlay that little bit more.

Not a big change from normal Lucia for us actually, we usually watch them online.

Day 284, Monday 14 December
This morning Linnea and I went to the Jubail Mangrove Park for a walk and a coffee with Susanne and the girls. Another stunning morning.

Nathan spent a few hours (yes) on the bike, and I did some studying. Mexican stack for dinner.

Day 285, Tuesday 15 December
This morning we got the kids up early (8am!) to go play padel again. Yay kids!
The rest of the day was spent at home. Nathan spent another few hours in the pain cave, and I had one of those days when I took a nap in the afternoon. Prawn pasta and 'The Christmas Chronicles 2' for dinner.

Day 286, Wednesday 16 December
Today I did a virtual tour of the Qasr Al Hosn for the Swedish ladies. It went really well, and I'm very proud of myself of this new venture. I had prepared a really nice presentation, where I had learned how to add movies and everything.

And after having done my weekly Uni-lecture, I weighed up all the Zoom-ing of the morning with some Christmas baking in the afternoon.
Nathan and Lucas went to play padel with Coach Javier this morning. Then they went to the mall for some Christmas shopping, although it just looked like they came home with a bunch of new sports clothes - for themselves..! Nathan cooked some Thai Garlic Pork for dinner.

Day 287, Thursday 17 December
This morning it was time to enjoy some of the Christmas baking at a nicely set table. Homemade lussebullar, saffron gooey cake and shortbread, gingerbread snaps and Skumtomtar - and an orange and gingerbread frozen cheesecake. Om nom nom!

One week to go to Christmas, and the Aramex-guys are coming to see us every day at the moment.., ha ha!

Day 288, Friday 18 December
Got some exercise in this morning finally. I'm kind of out of routine with it all. I do exercise every day, but I seem to have trouble finding the good mojo. I don't enjoy it the same as I used to, I think part of the reason is I get energy from so many other things at the moment.
The others went to the movies this afternoon to see the new 'Wonder Woman'-movie, but I opted for some alone-time at home. It's pretty rare at the moment! I had my failed Pav Christmas Tree moment and then we had pan-fried salmon, warm potato salad and avocado-and-tomato salad for dinner.

Day 289, Saturday 19 December
Linnea went to see a friend today, and the rest of us got the day to pass with the normal things - exercise for some, gaming for some and more baking for me! Saffron and pistachio biscotti today.
Another week done and dusted - next week we do Christmas.

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