Friday, 25 December 2020

Christmas Day 2020

Christmas Day started as it should, with gift opening. Lucas looks a bit aggro, but I think it's just his concentrated face. He scored a game controller for his phone, the new AirPods, a book, a sports shirt and a t-shirt from Stussy, money - and a few other things which hasn't made it yet.

Linnea manged to look more happy. She got baking stuff, a cook book, sports clothes, money, new AirPods, Sims packs, a mug, a pencil case - and also a few other things that hasn't arrived yet.

And Nathan and I was there too! I got a new band for my Apple watch, a perfume (that Lucas had picked out because "it smelled like Mummy"); and a mug, a necklace and a Christmas decoration from Linnea.
Nathan got new white linen pants, a Rocket Book (a digital note book) and a mug too. (Plus I guess we should also count all our recent padel-related purchases as our Christmas gifts..!)

Linnea also got an IKEA trolley she had wished for, to keep her art stuff in. She had to build it by herself though, only needed some assistance in the very end.

Got dressed for the Christmas Dinner. Today I fought my new role as shortest in the family by wearing heels, although it didn't help much..!

We did a repeat of last years Christmas Dinner and ordered a Festive Hamper-box from The Westin, with a big turkey and all the trimmings already cooked and ready to serve.

Another fabulous meal.

I was going to redeem myself from my Pavlova Christmas Tree fail, and make a normal Pavlova for dessert. I'm not sure what is going on, but it didn't cook well today either! Aaargghh! So, we ended up having another Eton Mess looking dessert - crumbled meringue with fresh berries and ice cream. Still tasted great! (And as someone said - it's dark inside the tummy anyway!)

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