Friday, 11 December 2020


School was out for the term yesterday, and the kids are now on winter break. A very well deserved winter break after a long and testing term of school with Lucas embarking DP, and Linnea e-learning from home. We have all been looking forward to these holidays, even though we are not going anywhere - we all need a break from the routine.

Linda asked if Linnea and I wanted to join her and the boys to celebrate the end of the term with a festive Afternoon Tea at the Westin, and who says no to celebrations!


I had to take a couple of photos for Mormor of this amazing Christmas decor in the lobby, a massive gingerbread train. (She's a train lover!)

The set-up was really lovely, little savoury nibbles and sweet treats; all with a Christmas theme. They called it 'Festivitea', all beautifully served, and delicious too.


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