Thursday, 10 December 2020

Fingers crossed!

Apparently Abu Dhabi have maintained an average of 0.39%, regarding the percentage of confirmed cases per total tests over the past three months; so there was an announcement today that Abu Dhabi will lift most COVID-related restrictions within two weeks!

Good news I guess, even though it wasn't specified exactly what restrictions will be lifted, and in what way. Will there still be quarantine for arrivals from abroad? Will there still be PCR-tests needed to cross the border from other emirates? Will we be able to have guests in our homes? Many questions, but I guess - it can only get better!
Even though many restrictions will be lifted it will be balanced with continuous regular testing, and then of course we have the arrival of the different vaccines, so there is light ahead! Hourrah!

School also sent out and End of Term-letter today with somewhat good news. From next term schools will be allowed to have classes larger than 15, which will hopefully mean that the kids will go back full time, and not just every other week. It's unsure still exactly how this will impact the logistics around school, but for sure it is a good thing.
The changes in restrictions could maybe also mean that sports and ECP will be happening again, which would be amazing!
Fingers crossed!

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