Tuesday, 1 December 2020

1st December 2020 COVID status

So what's new since last month? Well, let's start with the statistics shall we, the daily cases actually are at about the same level as they were a month ago. Doesn't seem to go either up or down.
Here's the December check-in:

* 1,289 new cases today, from 129,900 tests. 768 recovered cases. Todays' total number of infected is 170,149, with 576 deaths. Global cases stand at over 65,6M with now over 1,5M deaths.

Otherwise, it feels pretty much same-same. There hasn't been any changes of restrictions or rules, in either way, that affect our daily life. We just keep chugging along.
One thing we have noticed through when we have been out and about, is that traffic seems to have picked up, and with more traffic comes - traffic accidents. We have seen at least three incidents, or traces of crashes, only in the last few days.

Quarantine rules and border restrictions are still in place, still 14 days with tracker if you come from overseas; and still three PCR-tests needed to come back into Abu Dhabi if you have traveled around the country (one at the border, one after 4 days and one after 8 days). We still will not be going anywhere.

The mosques are scheduled to open again this week for Friday prayers, for the first time in nine months.

At the same time as many countries in Europe, especially Sweden right now, are suffering with high death tolls we can read that vaccines are starting to get approved in places, and about the plans to roll out the mass vaccinations as soon as possible. At least it feels like each day is one day closer to ... - well, a new world? A new living, the new normal...? Who knows, still so many questions and uncertainties.
We'll just keep chugging along.

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