Saturday, 12 December 2020

Corona Diary, Day 276-282

Day 276, Sunday 6 December. 2nd of Advent
Today was the first time this term we saw below 20 degrees on the school run! Winter is here!
With Nathan at work and Lucas at school, Linnea and I spent our morning studying and having rice pudding for lunch, yum!
Exercise was done in the afternoon before we had daal for dinner (yes, it's a favourite, and so fast to make!) and some TV.

Day 277, Monday 7 December
Today I did a walk about the mangrove park with Susanne after school drop off, before I had a long 2,5h training session with the LAD. Good balance of outside and inside this morning!
Tried a new Cookidoo recipe, chicken meatballs and Mexican rice with beans for dinner. Yeah nah, will not do that one again.

Day 278, Tuesday 8 December
Padel! Padel! Padel! Nathan and I played with Petra, Susanne and Tina today. Great to try our new rackets, but we had trouble getting the play to take off, as we are all new beginners.

Day 279, Wednesday 9 December

Time for Uni lecture again, this week without sitting by the pool at the same time unfortunately. Otherwise a pretty boring day. Nathan spent several hours on his bike, I did my exercise and Linnea and Lucas their school work.
Linnea finished baking with the gingerbread dough, after she had made us Chicken & bacon pasta for dinner, although Nathan went out for dinner with a friend.

Day 280, Thursday 10 December
Moooore padel! This morning I played with the SWEA ladies again. Getting better every time!

School was out early as it was the last day before the winter break. Linnea and I went to celebrate the holidays with a Festivitea at the Westin, together with Linda and her boys.
Then we went straight to Galleria Mall to sort out some Christmas shopping, had dinner at PF Changs and got home really late. Busy day!

In the meantime the boys (of course) had ordered their dinner and were planted in the sofa when we got back.

Day 281, Friday 11 December
Nathan and I got up early this morning to get going and sort some Christmas-related things out before the crowds hit the mall. Just the two of us for an early lunch, and jobs got sorted. Quite a lazy day all around (apart from the daily exercise, of course!), even had pizza for dinner.

Day 282, Saturday 12 December
I tried a new hairdresser today, on recommendation from a friend who looked absolutely fab last time she had been here. I was very pleased too, with the colour, the cut and the whole experience. But above all with the blow-dry which held the whole day, and if I wasn't sporting tomorrow, would probably look good then too.

Lucas saw some friends today, and Nathan went down to Yas Marina to sit on a friends boat and watch the qualifying of the GP. It's really weird that it's F1-weekend, but since there are no spectators this year, it's without the usual full-on circus that comes with it.

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