Monday, 30 November 2020

Staycation - Exploring Hudayriyat

Nathan is on leave and the kids are off school for Commemoration Day and National Day, so we decided on another staycation, because - why not!
This time we decided on staying in the city, so we would be in a good spot for the fly-by for National Day, and for something different. The Intercontinental is an institution here in Abu Dhabi, one of the very first hotels, and we wanted somewhere with both a pool and access to a beach.

We arrived late in the afternoon, and after checking in we decided to get back in the car and drive across to Hudayriyat to go explore the new area there which only opened a few weeks ago. 

It is really nicely done, with for example an obstacle park and a splash park for the kids, and a big skate park: 

There is also a kind of boardwalk along the coast line, called the 'Heritage Trail', which takes you from the Masana, the restaurant area, over to the sports activities and camping area.

The sun was setting quickly as we walked. At this time of the year sun sets already about 17.30.


There was signposts along the way which educate the visitors on the history of pearl diving in the UAE and provide information about the animal life in the area:

At the other end of the trail, there is the 321 Sports Village. There is a huge indoor arena with multi-sports courts for badminton, basket, tennis or indoor football f.e. Here there is another padel court!

Basketball courts and outdoor gyms:

There is also a climbing wall, a high ropes course and a zip-line, a BMX track and cycling trails:

This is the Bab Al Nojoum area, a private camp site where you can go "glamping" in different set-ups of tents and cabanas:

I want to come back here in daylight next time, so many nice spots for cool photos!

Nice view of the skyline from this side of the city!

After our little excursion we went back to the hotel and had dinner at one of our all-time favourites, the Belgian Beer Café. Mussel pot, chunky fries and Raspberry Hoegaarden for me, pork in different shapes and forms for the others. Yum!

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