Sunday, 2 October 2016

Happy New Year

We are having another long weekend this weekend. Yes, as much as I love the extra lay-ins it certainly feels like the kids have been more off school than in school so far this term! Today the UAE is celebrating Islamic New Year, 1438.

As Nathan is on leave we were contemplating a short break somewhere here in the UAE, but in the end we opted for some time with friends at home instead. Nathan's friend FD came down from Dubai with his little boy and have stayed the weekend, so on Friday we had a dinner here with Pia and kids as well. No photos though, as we were busy talking and eating and chilling out.

Nathan and FD had a late night Skype with Sam back home in Sweden:

Linnea is an excellent friend to Jacob. They have been playing non stop and she has been tucking him in and reading him stories at night. Even when he woke up in the middle of the night of a nightmare, she calmed him back to sleep with a little story.

Yesterday we all went over to the Hiebsch family for a late lunch and some pool play. I'm grateful to have friends that let us come and enjoy their facilities, since we have no pool of our own in our compound. It was absolutely perfect weather once we got down to the pool late afternoon.

Super delicious, mmm!

We have also been looking after Emma again this week while our friends have been in Germany. Not that we really needed to, as they now have a maid, but we wanted to, as we enjoy her company! She seemed to enjoy ours too!

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