Friday, 28 October 2016

P is for Pia

It's been a busy day today. We had to get up just as early as we do on a school day, to get ready and set off to Dubai. It suited really well that the Keys were going to try and get on a flight from Dubai in the morning, as I was taking Lucas up there for a Rugby League game anyway.
The Keys luckily managed to get on their flight just fine; but Lucas and his team unfortunately lost against the Dubai Exiles.

After the long drive back to Abu Dhabi we made a quick change and headed down to Yas Beach. Pia was having her Farewell Party there today, and a group of her friends had met up for the afternoon, and some sundowners.
Unfortunately Nathan had SIM, but the kids and I went and had a great time.

The temperature in the afternoons now is absolutely perfect and we got to enjoy such a stunning sunset. It was really lovely. (I'm still just ignoring the fact that she is leaving in a few days...)

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