Thursday, 27 October 2016

Keys and Watsons

On Tuesday Nathan got back from Frankfurt early morning, and just after he was home, Dave arrived from Shanghai (well, via London and Dubai..!). They both had a little sleep, kids got home early from school and got to play with their friends in the afternoon; and in the evening we all went to the F1 circuit for a stroll around the track.

During my tourist guide course I learned many things that I didn't know before. For example that the circuit is built in the shape of a caracal, a pistol they used in the old days here in the UAE. Also that every grandstand is covered, and the tents were inspired by the bedouin tents. All in line with connecting the past with the present, as they do in so many places here.

There is a shortcut option, but we did the whole thing. Kids did really well.

Yesterday we had a day at the Fairmont. Lovey to lazy around in the sun.

This week has gone by too fast!
Today the Keys will do Ferrari World while the kids are at school. I have Zumba and Nathan is off to the SIM. Tonight they'll come along to the kids' rugby practice; they sure get to see many different sides of Abu Dhabi living!

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