Thursday, 13 October 2016

Linnea's 11th (early) Birthday Party

This year we had to have Linnea's birthday party well over a week early, because of busy and conflicting schedules for the next couple of weeks. It unfortunately also had to be on a school day, but in the end it worked out just fine.

We picked up her and her little friends from school and brought them home so that they could get changed and have a snack before it was time for the party activity. We had decorated at home with blue balloons all over, according to the birthday girl's wishes:

The activity this year was going to be - pottery!
I had found this place on the internet, Abu Dhabi Pottery Establishment, and booked in for an hours class for the kids. It turned out none of the kids had ever tried pottery before, so it was a success!

The kids got to start out with doing some pinch pottery. I was proud of them for listening really well to all the instructions, and taking their task so seriously:

The pinch pottery technique is a basic pot making method often taught to beginners. The kids got to form and shape by hand, a small bowl each. The clay walls were thinned by pinching them over and over again with the thumbs and forefingers - which is why it's called pinch pottery.

They started out with a ball of clay each. They then had to push their thumbs into the center, and then continue with pinching and turning the pot into their desired shape.

The bowls were kept on a flat surface to create a base, and all the kids had to scrape their name or initials into the bottom of their pot.

You could shape your pot either way you wanted, Lucas decided to make his into a heart shape:

Look at the focus and attention..!

Finally they got to ornate the edges, and if they wanted to, use stamps to decorate their masterpieces. It could be around the outside, or on the inside, like in Lucas' one:

They all got to bring their finished bowls home at the end of the lesson. While they dried a little bit, all the kids got to try the potter's wheel. First the lady did a demonstration, and then they all got a turn at making something with the help of the ladies in the studio. It didn't seem to be as easy as it first looked... and all the kids said it felt a bit funny on the hands!

Sofie, using a string to remove her creation from the tray:

I really enjoyed watching the kids work as they were all so into it, both the girls and the boys. I'm so glad that Linnea still wants to invite boys as well, and that they accepted and came along, and didn't think that pottery was "a girl thing". They were all super creative and all seemed to enjoy themselves.

Even though yes, they got some assistance with the wheel pottery; I was mighty impressed with all the children and their end results! Just look at these pieces, all this wonderful artwork! Awesome!

After the pottery class we went back home and had pizza for dinner. We only ordered one..! :) Ha ha yes, the XL pizza made a comeback, they're fab!

Group photo!

And after pizza, donuts and "Happy Birthday"-singing, it was time to finish up, as it was a school night. It was a very happy girl showing us all her fabulous gifts after the party, a 'Wreck this journal'-book, a cute mug and matching box, a pencil case with gel pens, Bath & Bodyworks stuff, cool cash and gift cards to Yas Mall - what more can you wish for?

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