Wednesday, 12 October 2016

New in

Ever since my kitchen cupboards almost fell down before the summer, and I had to live with all the contents of them spread out over the kitchen benches for weeks on end before they got fixed; I've been wanting to get some more storage in the kitchen. Especially after the maintenance technician explained to me that I had to redo the order in my cabinets, to even out the load.

So I had to put plates with the baking stuff, other plates with the pasta, glasses with the bread etc, to avoid another disaster... Let's just say we quickly had enough of that, nobody could never find anything as there was no logical system.
The other day I finally got my act together and went and got an extra freestanding shelf at IKEA! What a difference!

Now we have plates and glasses here, plus other bowls and plates we use daily for cooking. It's not completely stocked just yet, but so far it's working out a treat!
Easy access is the best!

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