Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Shake it off

Every time since we came back after the summer holidays and when someone asked the kids how our summer was, the answer was something along the lines of: "Oh it was good thank you. We went to Sweden and Denmark and we had all our things stolen out of our car". 
It's really, really sad that the most lasting memory of this summer isn't the Sports Camp, not the swimming in the lake, visiting all of our lovely friends or spending time with Mormor and Morfar. Not picking blueberries in the woods, the bike rides, the summer theater, the pokémon hunting, the trampoline park etc - but the burglary.

We have all been processing it in each our ways. We have talked a lot about it and I've tried to help the kids deal with the feelings it stirred up the best I can. Linnea is grieving her darling Pooh bear on a daily basis and Lucas has developed a worry that something bad will happen, to any one of us. At the same time as we try to let it go, we do try to learn from the experience.

At least as of today I can put the economical worry behind me, as our travel insurance finally came through (after two months of endless emailing back and forth...) and paid out an acceptable amount.
You see, what I didn't mention in my earlier post about the burglary was the fact that apart from all the, mostly brand new, clothes and shoes, I also lost some things of huge emotional (well, and economical) value - some of my gold jewellery.
It's so typical, when I fly I always wear the most valuable pieces and keep the rest in my hand luggage - but I just didn't think that way traveling by car. I kept the jewellery in a small pouch in the packing, in the boot.
Also, 99 days out of 100, I usually wear the same pieces of jewellery, as I had done that whole week during the roadtrip - my diamond studs and my grandmothers ring that I had made into a necklace. The particular day of the burglary I thought in the morning "Mhm, since I'm wearing a grey top today, maybe I should wear something silver" and I put on some of my Pandora. Which means that all of the gold items were in the pouch, and stolen together with the rest of the things.

Thanks to the travel insurance, we could replace many of the stolen items. To be honest, I did replace most of the clothes, shoes and other basic things already in Sweden, as we had bought it there just in the weeks prior, so the things were still in the shops.
I have only hung out on deciding which jewellery to replace until I knew how much the insurance would pay out. This week Pia and I will do our last "Dubai Day" together, and it's time to put in a few new orders with the gold man.

What I can't replace of course is my grandmothers ring and the pearl that Lucas found during our pearl diving trip... It is truly breaking my heart to have lost these, as I don't actually have any other jewellery (apart from my wedding rings which I always wear obviously) that has any emotional value to me.
But, what happened happened. It's time to stop thinking "if only...", as it doesn't change anything.
It is now time to let it go.

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