Friday, 22 July 2022


We made it back to Abu Dhabi, and lo and behold - so did all four of our bags! Yay!

We got really surprised (and happy!) to see them all four appear on the luggage belt, as our flight out of Auckland ended up being more than an hour delayed, cutting our transit time in Sydney to just about 1,5 hours. We had resigned to the fact that they wouldn't have made that, considering the fiasco on the outbound trip with a 5,5 hour transit.
But there they were! Happy days!

Now Nathan has about a weeks worth of work before he has another week off. We have all landed, beaten the jet lag, recharged. Now the plan is for Lucas and Nathan to come up to Scandinavia later in the month; and for Linnea and I to shoot off as soon as possible, to get the most out of our holidays.
At the moment, I'm not quite sure exactly when and how we will travel. I'm keeping an eye on flights and loads; but with the whole of Europe seeming utterly chaotic this summer (because of the "post-pandemic travel bug"), it might have to be a bit of an adventure trip getting there..!
Wish us luck!

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