Thursday, 28 July 2022

Best gift ever

We've known the Petersens since we lived in Horsham. Our two Lucas/Lukas were born only a month apart, and they were both as babies and toddlers dressed in Dortes amazing handmade creations. Often it was something reused and repurposed, and I used to love and cherish the pieces she would gift me (well, Lucas) and I have kept them all, for future use.

Dorte have kept up her passion for creating all her life, and even though she has a full-time job as a teacher, and busy family life she has also started a little side business where she sells bags, hats, lap top covers, glasses cases - any thing you can think of. She mostly uses material from the amazing Liberty, or reused material she finds thrifting. I had long eyed up her Instagram page, and wanted to buy one of her bum bags - but she ended up gifting it to me. Best gift ever! I love handmade things!

As she only creates on order, I first had to choose in which colour and pattern... not easy! Since I didn't have a green bag, I went for a pretty flowery pattern in apple green, with some further "Spring" colours on the inside. It made me so happy!

Here's the final product! I am so pleased, and it has already been heavily used throughout the summer. If you are keen on something similar, or just want to see what else she makes; you can contact her via Instagram on @dortetollestrup

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