Friday, 29 July 2022

Hej Helmut!

Again, with just a days notice, I called my friend Kamilla (who lives not far from Kolding) to see if she was home and wanted to see us. Amazingly - she was home and free too! Gotta love last-minute plans!

I have seen Kamilla over in Copenhagen more recently, but it had been seven years since I last visited over here in Jylland. They had done a lot of work on their house since then, massive renovations all over; so we got to see all the new parts, and got especially wooed by the new kitchen:

Another new addition since I last saw Kamilla (pre-Covid, like most others) was - baby Helmut! Oh yes, a third boy, a baby brother to Hector and Herman! Such a cutie, almost a year old.

As the weather was amazing we took a walk around the estate, to see the changes there too. Kamilla and her husband are already running all the work around the estate, but are also about to renovate the big manor house with the intention of moving in there in about a years time.

Nebbegaard Gods, with the lady of the manor..!

A great visit, which ended with Dorte doing some berry shopping in Herman's kiosk! A little project run by the 9-year old in the family, who had picked all the cherries and berries all by himself, to sell here in the kiosk by the road side! A true entrepreneur in the making!


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