Friday, 1 July 2022

1st July 2022 Covid status

Yes, another month, another status report. While it seems like since months already that the pandemic is considered "over" in most parts of the world; I'm thinking that as long as there are quite limiting restrictions in Abu Dhabi (regular PCR-test requirements, mandatory mask wear), I'll continue my reports. Every month I hope it'll change, but no luck there.

I guess this month it is because the daily cases kept creeping up, topping at nearly 1800 new cases. The Al Hosn validity changed back to only 14 days in the middle of the month. So a step back, rather than forward. Boo. Anyhow, here are today’s numbers:

* 1788 new cases, from 300,076 test
* 1 death, making the total death toll 2317

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