Tuesday, 19 July 2022

NZ in the wintertime

Kids and I headed out to NZ a couple of days ahead of Nathan, as the company was having trouble getting our Annual Leave tickets sorted. So we got a two-day head start, before Nathan started his leave.
We got real surprised once we got onboard the airplane though, as we hadn't noticed on our boarding cards they had changed our seats because of an aircraft change - and this one now had First Class seats!
Fine by us!

I love seeing my dear Louvre Abu Dhabi on the plane, the current Etihad safety video was filmed there! Always makes me happy.

It is a really long trek out to NZ though... This time we traveled via Sydney, so first we had about a 15 hour flight to Australia; then a 5,5 hour transit at Sydney airport, and then another 2,5 hour flight across to Auckland. I like it much better going the other way, when you end with the long flight, and then you have arrived. Going east the trip seems to never end.

We arrived to a wintery New Zealand. Something new for us, the kids and I have never been here when it's been winter like this before. I probably wouldn't choose this time of the year again, but this time it was out of necessity, it was the leave Nathan got - and it sure was about time, over three years since we last came.
Plus winter or not - New Zealand is still green and lush, and breathtakingly beautiful!

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