Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Bad travel mojo

We had a bit of bad travel mojo on the way to NZ, when it came to our luggage. Even though we had well over 5 hours transit in Sydney, one of the bags didn't make it to Auckland. As per usual I had spread our things across the three bags, so luckily it wasn't just all the things from one person that got missing. But most of the things in the missing bag were Linneas, her shoes, her toilet bag etc.

For the first time I had put Apple Tags in all the suitcases so I could actually track the bag and see where it was at, in real time. This turned out to be really handy! For example when I got hold of Baggage Services and they tried to tell me the bag had been put on a flight... and I could see that it was in fact still in Sydney!
I spent days emailing and calling, although most attempts to get to speak to someone just ended up in an endless phone queue - like this particular day, when I gave up after waiting two hours...

I appreciate that many places across the globe are experiencing trouble with getting luggage to right places at the moment. The post-pandemic travel bug seems to have hit people hard, and the airports can't keep up. Still, I was really unimpressed with the lack of information. Had I not kept emailing and phoning myself, I wouldn't have had any news about the bag at all. 

The bag finally caught up with us, after a slight detour to Christchurch, after TEN days. Wi-hoo!
But if this wasn't enough, Nathans bag didn't make it across the ditch either when he arrived two days after us! Argh! His turned up on day three though, so it was slightly faster finding the right way.

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