Saturday, 31 July 2021

Sweet summer days

I am so enjoying living life during the summer here in Sweden, the freedom, and the space. I keep on taking my daily walks, in any weather really. Sometimes it's sunny, sometimes more gray. Always beautiful.

Both Lucas and I have enjoyed immensely playing padel, both with each other, but also in the Americano Tournaments at Skara Padel. Lucas didn't perform too shabby at the last one! I'm so glad seeing him enjoy it so much.

I have hardly watched any TV this summer. Honestly it feels like that's all I did back home in Abu Dhabi the past 1,5 years of pandemic living. It has felt so good filling my days with more LIFE while being here - with movement, with sports, with friends, with nature! I have much rather been sat out here in the evenings, in the glassed outdoor space, than inside in front of the TV.

I passed a big milestone on my Apple Watch, 500 days of continuous exercise (at least 30 minutes a day)! That's quite something!

Because of the weather that hit us this week with quite a few rainy days, Mormor and I got to pull out a puzzle which is our go-to for rainy days. Hopefully the rain wont last though, even though we both enjoy a good puzzle.

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